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Samsung Galaxy S8: The Korean Queen is Arriving Soon


Samsung seems to be gearing up for the MCW and with this, there’s a rumor and leaked images which indicate the new queen from the Korean giant, which is almost ready for the mass production. Yes, we are pointing towards the Samsung Galaxy S8 and we will be talking about its price, specifications release date, and latest features.

It seems very eminent from the leaks that the Galaxy S8 will dethrone its predecessor soon. The new device is equipped with promising new features and a bump in its specification sheet too. The new S8 will be powered by the beast, the Snapdragon 835 SoC which is getting good remarks in the smartphone market these days. Along with it, it might club a 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with 64GB to 128GB of onboard SSD storage which we will get to know before the final release itself.

Samsung S8_Comeback

Comparing to its predecessor, which had a Snapdragon 820 SoC and Exynos 8890 chip clubbed with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, this new device has taken a new overhaul.

The latest Galaxy S8 is said to have no physical home button which will be replaced by a fingerprint reader. It will also be jack-less like other trending devices competing with the new Apple iPhone 7 and other device rocking in the market. They have quenched the 3.5mm headphone jack and has replaced it with a unified USB Type-C port for enhanced audio and faster-charging options.

Now coming to the most important perspective of a Samsung device, the Display itself. The new Galaxy S8 is expected to have a larger screen compared to the Galaxy S7. The form factor might go up to 5.7-inch with a dual curved display from the previously found 5.1-inch in its predecessor. Samsung will encourage the use of AMOLED in this device too making it a vibrant looking device. And now the main part, the device might equip a 4K display into it, which is a huge bump from the previously found 2K in Galaxy S7. The company is making a move to the next generation VR and hence, keeping it future ready as it seems. It will also have a bezel-free display and will be following the same design form factors like Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S8_Comback

Now following the market trends, if the company releases this device in this year MCW, it will surely ship the device in the month of April across the globe. Though we are not sure about it so we need to wait for the final verdict from the company to know any further. Hope this blog was worth a good read for the Samsung fans especially after the huge disappointment from Galaxy Note 7. Keep following Cashify blog for more.


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