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Samsung Is Going To Build Revolutionary 5nm Chips

Samsung Is Going To Build Revolutionary 5nm Chips

Samsung, the South Korean multinational, has joined hands with researchers in IBM-led Research Alliance to work on the process of building silicon nanosheet transistors. Specific transistors that will enable 5nm chips. To put this in perspective, the current industry leading chip is 10nm. And it’s going to change computing like never before.


The obvious advantage for the nanosheet based 5nm technology is a 40% greater performance enhancement at fixed power, which would result in 75% power savings at matched power. This means faster phones with much larger battery lives!

Samsung Is Going To Build Revolutionary 5nm Chips

This technology will ensure that future high-performance demands for artificial intelligence (AI) systems, virtual reality and mobile devices are met. A big fillip will be a performance enhancement for cognitive computing, Big Data, IoT (fascinating concepts, by the way), and other data-intensive applications. A simple effect of this new technology may be seen in smartphone batteries which would make batteries last two to three times longer than usual.

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Contrast this to the 7nm test node chip, which was achieved two years back, where scientists had to rely on other architecture. However, with the latest technology, 5nm chips will be brought to usher in a smaller, faster and more efficient generation of semiconductors.

When we get our new generation smartphones that do double the work, while consuming less than half the power, you’ll have Samsung to thank!