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Is Samsung more Innovative than Apple!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Great looking smartphones, genuine attempts to innovate, and record-breaking sales. Don’t confuse these virtues with that of Apple, because this time we’re talking about rival Samsung.

Success, and more success

Samsung’s phones have been constantly on the top of the best sellers lists in almost all the markets globally. The Samsung J2 has become the most sold phone in India, beating its Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi or Oppo. But the debate of the best smartphone company raging on for the best par of the last decade had always favored towards Apple.
However, as of late Samsung has been carving out a niche in the consumer market which is seen as similar to the one Apple has done over the years. The smartphone war has now shifted to the look and feels of the smartphone coupled with high performance and camera quality. Smartphone pundits felt that these set of characteristics had been only been available on the Apple iPhone.

The Galaxy Series

The complexion of the situation has changed after Samsung unveiled the sleek and beautiful Galaxy S8 smartphone. It took the whole world by storm with its curved yet large 5.8 inch display which seemed to blend with the surrounding, something which the company proudly touted as the Infinity Display.
The bezels around the phone vanished, the camera improved dramatically, and suddenly people had forgotten about the entire Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Praises were pouring in for Samsung for their innovation and ingenuity for what critics were claiming as finally a Samsung phone overshadowing the Apple’s iPhone.
So much so that it appears that the iPhone may be taking a piece out Samsung’s handbook and look for a bezel-less display of their own. This however, is not the first time Samsung has started a trend in the Smartphone world. It is often believed that the Samsung giant note series phablets and their popularity with the consumers had forced Apple to abandon their line of product and release their the S series for all their phones.

No More Apple Dominance?

So to take an educated guess one would have to assume that Apple is now slowly falling out of the trend setting business it once was so famous for during the Steve Jobs era. Even though the iPhone is perhaps the most sold phone globally, the extravagant prices from Apple are slowly eating into their own loyal customer base. Samsung on the other hand has reviewed their mistakes and worked upon them so much so that when they came with the Galaxy S8, everyone was losing their minds to get their hands on the phone.
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7
Granted that the Note 7 was the greatest botch up in consumer phone’s history. But Samsung has not let the brand name suffer for long. This has made several of the core Apple users switch to the its devices, due to the company’s commitment to undo its wrongs and become the new trendsetters the world desperately needed.

A New Industry Leader

In the end, the two companies are not different. Yet recently the phone market has metamorphosed into one where only the companies which appeal to the eyes seem to have the formula for becoming successful. Apple has been doing this for way too long, and it seems that Samsung has finally stepped up in the game.
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