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Samsung Showing Off Path-Breaking AI at CES


Samsung took the wraps off its new micro LED TVs, laptops and other smart appliances at CES 2019 currently ongoing. But there’s more to the tech giant lined up for this week. The South Korean tech firm earlier confirmed there would be Artificial Intelligence-based innovations showcased at the conference.

The company’s C-Lab will be revealing as many as eight new Artificial Intelligence projects which include the Tisplay, aiMo, MEDEO, PRISMIT, Perfume Blender, Girin Monitor Stand, alight and SnailSound. While we’re yet to see them all, here’s a roundup for stuff that’s sure to excite us:

Tisplay: An in-video virtual ad service, Tisplay helps you to live stream creators subtly to advertise the products by digital placing the promotions on their clothing as if the photos are printed on the fabric.

aiMo: aiMo allows the creators to develop high-quality ASMR content with the help of a smartphone

MEDEO: With the help of this, anyone can make an instant video-making service

PRISMIT: It is an Artificial Intelligence news analysis service

Perfume Blender: A custom perfume making service

Girin Monitor Stand: An auto-adjusting monitor

alight: An Artificial Intelligence desk light

SnailSound: A hearing assistant solution for the deaf

The Galaxy S10 maker has also stated that this will be the first time ever that it will be revealing so many projects after the event of CES 2016. “This will help to re-define the projects and to simply prepare the prototypes that will soon also help to eventually become finished products to launch into the market,” company reveals in a statement.

Samsung has also added that apart from the aforementioned projects, eight new startups that have been spun- off from Samsung C-Lab, that will be showcasing their newly released commercial products. These startups include the MONIT, MOPIC, LINKFLOW, lululab, WELT, Cooljamm company, BLUEFEEL and analogue plus.

The all- new innovative Artificial Intelligence-based projects will be showcased from 8th of January through 11th at CES 2019 Eureka Park. 

Other Samsung Tech At CES

Source: TheVerge

At CES 2019, in a recent report, it was revealed that Samsung’s upcoming ‘The Frame’ and ‘SERIF TV’ series might be the first to come with support for the Google Assistant inbuilt. This will be the first-ever third-party assistant which is going to be integrated by Samsung. For those unaware, earlier this year Samsung added its own voice assistant Bixby to its smart TVs. But as reports point out, this integration is relatively limited as Bixby cannot open or control third-party apps.

Source: TheVerge

We’ve also seen a mammoth 98 inch QLED TV from Samsung, in addition to some really cute robots that the company plans to deploy at retail stores and other locations.

About Samsung C-Lab

Set up in December 2012, Samsung C-Lab is an in-house idea incubation program that helps fosters a creative corporate culture and cultivate ideas from the employees of Samsung. The program provides with support for the development of ideas from all the fields of the business. The C-Lab spin-off policy, which was introduced in the year 2015, offers the Samsung employees, who have successfully finished C-Lab projects, to launch their start-ups. And apart from that, Samsung also supports these spin-off companies with investment via seed money as well as business consulting to speed up their growth, while still ensuring much more independent management.


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