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Screen Protection Laminates: How to Choose & Use them?


Every device needs protection, both internal & external, especially when speaking of smartphones. They are small, sensitive and most ruggedly used piece of technology out there.

The market realizes this fact very well and tries to shell money out of you, even if it’s a small cart of screen laminates that only charge a 100 rupees to provide ‘so-called’ protection of your mobile’s screen.

So we took this opportunity to introduce you with the qualities to seek while purchasing a screen protection laminate, and the best practice to apply them in the most effective way.

Features to seek:

Shatter Proof – 

The laminate should be resistive towards scratches and developing cracks. With things like coins, key rings, or maybe an unexpected drop on the ground; shatter proof is the level of quality that every phone needs.

shatter proof


You wouldn’t want to be tilting your heads and twisting your eyes to the right angle in order to see what’s on the screen. As funny as it may sound, situations like these are quite ordinary under indoor lights and the sun.

anti glare

So if you really love your eyes, go for something that provides an anti-glare interface.

Oleophobic Coating-

Sweat and smudges from our very skin make create a layer on almost everything we touch. Thus it is next to obvious that your smartphone will get some of that as well, more so on screen, as it makes most of the contact with your face and hands.

Oleophobic is the term you should be looking for on the screen laminate’s packaging.

Responsive touch-

Lastly, but the most important factor is that the laminate must not interfere with the quality of touch-screen. The experience should be responsive and not resistive, in order for you to have a playful interaction with the phone.

responsive touch screen

In short, the quality should be as good as if the phone were naked.

Now that you’ve found the rightful match for your beloved phone. It’s time to pull the real trick in 4 simple steps.

How to Apply Screen Protection Laminates

Step # 1. Clean the Screen

In order to avoid bubbles, firstly you need to clean the screen to remove all dust and oil. We suggest you use alcohol-based wipes, followed by a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and oil stain.

Then, apply an electrostatic de-dust sticker to further remove any tiny specks of dust or residue.

clean phone screen

Step # 2. Peel off protective film

Remove the plastic film, from the sticky side of the screen protector. Face the sticky side to your mobile screen; making sure not to ever scratch or touch the sticky side.

Step # 3. Align the screen protector

Carefully align the screen protector, as per the cutting & holes for edges, cutouts, camera holes, speaker holes, control buttons.

remove sticker

Step # 4. Load the screen protector

Load the screen protector slowly; apply just a little bit force from the center, and let the protector seal by itself.

align phone sticker

If bubbles are observed, you might want to carefully lift up the protector, and de-dust the bubble area before re-install.

Voila, and there you’ve got a brand new laminate shielding your mobile against unwanted smudges, scratches and other physical bumps.

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