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Secret Feature Of Apple iOS 9.2 Revealed!


The OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, the Safari web browser being some of its software products, Apple completely shifted their focus towards consumer electronics in 2007. Apple is the World’s largest information technology company by revenue, the world’s largest technology company with total assets and the world’s second largest mobile phone producer.




Many people around the globe are used to Apple’s gadgets like the iPhone (sell your old iPhone), iPad, or the iPod. Each of these users have similar problem of some unwanted apps disappearing and all these apps would be stored in a separate folder, naming it unwanted apps or anything else.


The solution is a secret trick found in iOS 9.2 by videosdebarraquito who is a YouTube user and has enlightened this trick. This user discovered that by using a simple trick, any iOS 9.2 user could make the unwanted apps disappear. This trick can be executed by following the steps mentioned below:

iOS 9.2 user should make a new folder and move the needless apps into this folder and name it irrespective of the function of the apps.

Then drag each of the app to its far right of the folder.

When the app is held under the finger, home button should be pressed.


This procedure automatically causes the apps to disappear and you can hide other apps to by following the above procedure. The folder you created will also disappear when you exit the folder.

Therefore, now the question is that “will the changes last forever?” The answer is “no” because videosdebarraquito also showed in the video that the apps would be seen again when the iPhone, iPad or iPod is restarted.




The solution is not permanent it is just temporary. The bigger question that arises is whether Apple is working on this feature or it is just a bug. If it is just a bug, then Apple has some serious work to do on it and if it is the first part then there is a little complicated process to follow in the later versions. In case you feel like upgrading to an iPhone right away, you can sell your old mobile at Cashify for instant cash along with a free schedule. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App!


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