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Sell your used phone at Cashify this Diwali season


If you are one to keep up with tech, there would most likely be a bunch of old phones stored away somewhere in your cupboards, along with some other relics of the days gone by. And this festive season sale will be only adding to your collection. Unless you intend on creating a private museum for the old devices, it might be time for you to get rid of them – sell used smartphone now.

#1 – Evaluate

Firstly, there is a need to evaluate if the mobile can still be used. If it is a old phone which is in a usable condition then it would be a good idea to sell it off and gain some cash so that you can buy a better handset this festive Diwali season.

#2 – Log On To Cashify

Selling your used handset is a very easy process on Cashify. The website will provide an instant quote of your device based on certain parameters which the user enters. The whole process is very simplified and there is no headache on the part of the customer.

Sell Old Phone

#3 – Get Doorstep Pickup

Additionally, the Cashify agent will be providing the quoted cash price on your doorstep, so you don’t have to trouble yourself by going anywhere.

The parameters are based on the model of the phone, time of usage, condition and a few other factors. Prices provided will be based on those, and are non-negotiable. So no more haggling either! It’s all fair and square!S