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Should You Buy an iPad Pro Instead of a Laptop?

Source: TechAdvisor

The choice of laptops in today’s times is much broader than it was just a couple of years ago, with hybrids (2-in-1s), touch screen models and your basic non-touch laptop. In the past 2 years, there has sprung another category too: tablets, which become laptops when you connect a keyboard.

Quite a few people think this is an exciting prospect because you can do everything on one device, thus, saving you effort and money as well. Now with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and the iPad Pro, can we think of any reason to replace an ageing laptop?

Obviously, it’s natural that there are pros and cons to each approach. Let’s compare the two on some basic factors so that you can decide if it’s better to invest in a new laptop or an iPad.


If you’re looking to use a laptop (Windows or Mac) for business-related processes, it becomes a struggle to get used to the lack of ports and slots. The iPad Pro can be assumed to be great at many things, but it has no USB port nor an HDMI output and that can make life difficult. Naturally, it is harder to connect an iPad to a projector, harder to print and harder to quickly share files with others. Dongles are available but who really bothers with them nowadays.

Laptops take the cake here.


More often than not laptops, with their bigger screens, keyboards and touchpads, could be considered the best if you’re using ‘business’ applications such as Excel or Word. We can say that a keyboard and mouse are the best tools for the job.

For the iPad, you need a different skillset. It is by far the better tool if you’re doing anything that requires a touchscreen. Its new touch technology allows it to respond to pressure from the Pencil, and it’s actually a real boon for artists or anyone that needs to write, annotate or sketch. A keyboard can be purchased from a third party to make it look like a mini laptop. Points to iPad over here.


In retrospect, you could say that a Laptop will last as long between charges as an iPad Pro. However, an iPad should get you through a working day with some power spare for the commute home.

For obvious reasons, battery life will be depending on what you’re doing with any computer, so if you are using the screen at full brightness and running apps which hammer the processor could mean you will be wiping out several hours off the maximum possible time between charges. But we can say that it is true for a laptop as well.


It is obvious that the iPad Pro’s 12.9 inch screen may be a bit smaller than some laptops, but it is and has a higher resolution of 2732×2048 pixels. Matter of fact, it has the bigger screen than the MacBook which has a 12in screen and a similar resolution to the Surface Pro 3 at 2304×1440.

If you need bigger and better than that, you’ll have to opt for a 4K laptop such as the Dell XPS 15: none of Apple’s laptops can match (let alone better) the iPad Pro’s resolution.


If you’re going to be doing typical business-related tasks – a laptop may still edge the iPad out – mostly due to the presence of connectivity options. If that isn’t a concern though, the iPad seems to have caught up.

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