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Simpl Is Like A Credit Card, but far better

Simpl Is Like A Credit Card Without A Card

Digital payments are a known phenomenon now. To make them simpler, online payment systems are growing like mushrooms. However, Simpl stands out in the crowd with a unique payment feature that allows you to purchase now and pay later.

What happens when you make a digital transaction? You either facilitate a successful transaction or face a payment failure. Simpl guarantees a no-failure transaction with a wallet system that does not repeatedly ask you to recharge it.

How it works

Simplr gives you time to arrange the money required for all the transactions you have made, and pay on the 1st and 16th of every month. Between that, it pays your merchants for you. Further, it has an intelligent algorithm that judges your payment habits and sets a limit unique to you.

What happens if you ditch the bills even after the limit is over? Just like your Telephone and Electric supply vendors, Simpl can charge a late penalty of up to Rs. 250. However, the system will waive your late fee if you report an issue and if it stands valid in their terms.

Merchants Supported

Moreover, you can easily resolve your unsettled bills through NEFT or IMPS. Currently, companies like BookMyShow, FAASOS, FreshMenu, Holachef, Nykaa have trusted Simpl and helped users enjoy a hassle-free payment experience.

If you are curious about how innovative ideas with ever-changing technology is changing payment processes, do try Simpl. It’s worth a shot at first glance.