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Should We Slow Down With Electronics?


A new phone has just been launched! It has the best specifications out there and to complement that its costs is also quite light on your pocket! You go check your bank balance and find that you easily afford it. Hence you set off to buy it. But wait a second. You’ll buy this phone today alright, but when you check the store tomorrow, you’ll find a phone which will have even better specifications. What to do? Should you buy it? Or should you wait for tomorrow? But what if you buy the phone tomorrow and another better phone gets launched the day after?

This is the problem everyone is facing today. Technology is developing at an extremely fast pace. What is flagship today becomes obsolete tomorrow even though most brands try to make their electronics devices future-proof.

Take an iPhone, for example. The first of its kind was launched in 2007. Every year, the phone saw an incremental upgrade. The phone saw better hardware additions and OS upgrades every year to add to its improvements. That all is just fine (more than fine, actually), but the negative point in this is that software support for each iteration of the iPhone seizes after 2 years, which means that within two years of purchasing, your iPhone will be rendered entirely obsolete, seizing to receive software updates.

Electronics Yesterday, Obsolete Today
Electronics Yesterday, Obsolete Today

The same goes for any other smartphone of today.

And not just our overly loved smartphones. Almost each and every electronic device today is going obsolete in record time.

Is that all?


There is an ever bigger and dangerous impact of this fast pace of electronics growth on the environment- Electronic Waste.

We keep on accumulating a large heap of obsolete gadgets which go waste and rendered unusable. Electronic waste includes discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, mobile phones, televisions and refrigerators. This also includes electronic goods that are destined to be reused and recycled, either by replacing faulty parts or by extracting useful materials for the production of other goods.

Every year, more and more electronic waste is being generated. And while many companies are trying to reduce the harm to the environment by releasing recycle schemes etc, this is surely an issue to be dealt with as a mainstream problem. Most of the times, we ignore the ever increasing e-waste and never really care to realize the consequences of it.

Obsolete Or Useless Electronics Harmful For The Environment
Obsolete Or Useless Electronics Harmful For The Environment

In our pursuit of getting the fastest and best of the technology out there, we forget the fact that as a consequence, the electronics technology of today will be rendered obsolete and useless tomorrow. There is a need of the hour to at the least, slow down in this pursuit so as to save the environment and our world as a whole. Sure, progress is important, but so is taking care of the proper needs as well as the global earth health.

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