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Smart Home Appliances are Coming


We live in the 2010s, a time when technology is reaching an all time high and is advancing day by day. Beginning with phones and watches, nearly all the gadgets that we use in our everyday lives are becoming smarter and smarter in a bid to make lives of humans easier and more luxurious. We now have Smartphones in the place of the old generation of ‘Feature’ phones, Smartwatches for watches and Smart TVs for TVs. And obviously, the companies of home appliances are not stopping at this. They are ensuring that every single technical gadget we use is smart enough to take its own decisions, given the circumstances. Even the good old vacuum cleaner has become smart enough to clean the house on its own! So what is it going to be? Where is this ‘Smartening’ heading towards? Which appliances are most likely to become smart in the near future? Let’s find out.

Washing Machines


A machine created to do the daily task of washing our grimy clothes, the washing machine has come a long way to ensure that our clothes are washed in the most hygienic and thorough manner. From semi-automatic to automatic washing, now, washing machines are seeing changes never seen before in their field. Machines will soon be able to detect by themselves what kinds of clothes have been put into them and wash the clothes accordingly. Smart indeed!

Microwave ovens


Well, if washing machines can detect what is in them, why can’t the microwave oven do it? Microwave ovens will soon be able to automatically set the required temperature and time to heat depending on the food to be heated.



Refrigerators now have the ability to change their thermostat depending on how cool the items have already become. So how much more smart can fridges become? Well, they can have the ability to cool different objects to different temperatures. The thought may be farfetched, but this may not be completely impossible either, seeing the pace at which technology is advancing.



The dream of every man is to drive a masterpiece vehicle. Well, we have somewhat a bad news for the kids of this generation. Because by the time they grow up, we may see automated cars that are cars that drive on their own, without the need of a driver. Cars will be able to increase pace when the roads are fee enough and stop when they detect a barrier or a bystander. This will ensure that the death toll due to road accidents comes down to absolute zero. But this move will surely be a pain for some, as they will lose the fun of driving themselves.

So is time to replace your existing appliances with smart ones? Soon, it will be.



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