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Smart TV vs 3D TVs


The 3D TV came in as a show stopper for people who loved home entertainment, but it was very quickly replaced by the Smart TV. These two big guys have been competitors since then.


One came in to enhance the viewing experience of the user while the other was built to make the overall user experience… smart. But which of these is better? Let’s compare them.

Display Quality

The overall display quality of both these classes of televisions is magnificent. But there are obviously a few drawbacks when it comes to the rendering of the screen in the 3D TV.

These drawbacks might not seem too much on the whole, but when compare to the more competitive Smart TV line, they are definitely highlighted.


Actually, I don’t even know why I am bothering to write this as the Smart TVs are easily way ‘smarter’ than the 3D TVs. That was one major reason for the demise of the 3D TV.

The Smart TVs have many features that can be compared to PCs or smartphones while the 3D TVs are plain displays with 3D rendering supported.



This is one place where the 3D TV can be considered at an advantage over the Smart TV. It is available at significantly lower prices, but still, are you willing to let go of the features of the Smart TV for a regular 3D TV? Think over it.



There is no doubt that the Smart TV beats the 3D TV like a bully beating up a nerd. But is it worth it?

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