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Smartphone apps which are an absolute necessity


In today’s world, smartphones have become a necessity for existence, and without it, we feel incomplete. They are ubiquitous and we simply can’t do without them. Earlier, people used to flip through the pages of the newspaper in the morning to keep themselves updated. But now, they just need to fire up some app and get it done easily with the help of a smartphone.

‌In the hustle and bustle of modern life, there’re so many important elements. People have started organising themselves using the modernized version of this era. Accept it, if you want to enhance and advance your working and personal life, then you’ll need to get a smartphone. In this ever-changing world of technology, smartphone manufacturers are trying to outshine one another to get to the top of the edge. So, by no surprise, a number of apps available on a mobile platform plays a huge factor when potential customers select perfect device for themselves. This has led to the rise of the demand and popularity of mobile apps. Since iOS and Android are leading the market these days, here are the top 5 must apps for your phones.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger

It is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smartphone users to exchange text, image, video, name card, audio messages and even document like pdf, doc and ppt for free over an internet connection. The newest update has also added up the ability of video calling giving head to head fight to other competitors like Skype, Hangout, and IMO



It is an application which helps one book cabs online depending on the need of the user. The cab will get notified upon booking and will pick you up from the doorstep. There are also an option of pooling and sharing cabs with others. It’s a must need the app for people living in metropolitans. There are other alternatives like Ola and Meru cabs which users can also try.


Maps by Google


Google Maps is a must-have for every smartphone. The Maps comes with a lot of features like live traffic updates, 360-degree view, satellite imaging, favorite places and more. The best feature is that you can make an area available offline in the local device to access it without any further hassle when the internet connectivity is absent. Moreover, the navigation provided by Google Maps is another plus which should be considered and is the best considering other freeware application.


  1. Spotify

Spotify is a new digital music service that enables users to remotely source millions of different songs on various record labels from a laptop, smartphone or another device. Even you can play your tracks wherever Spotify feature is listed by a provider. Your device just needs to have an active internet connection for streaming the songs.



Gmail is the Google approach to email. There are many other mail services but Google ace it any day. Practically unlimited free online storage allows you to collect all your messages, and Gmail’s simple but very smart interface lets you find mail precisely and see the context without any effort. POP and powerful IMAP access lets you access your email with any email program or device.

Gmail puts contextual advertisements next to the emails you read. A few months back Gmail came up with another app names Inbox which will simplify your mailbox further. Inbox by Gmail aims to help you manage not just email but the information in those emails with automatic classification, a to-do list, deferring emails and breaking out photos, itineraries, and shipments.


Cashify_Sell in 60 seconds

Last but not the least, sharing is caring and we all come across moments where we need to share data amongst our friends and others. Cashify’s app has integrated this new feature ‘Data Transfer’ which helps you share music, video, documents and even vcard to another device via Wi-Fi direct technology. The idea is very simple, the person sending the data taps on ‘SENDER’ and the other receiving should tap on ‘RECEIVER’ and then he gets connected to the Sender’s Wi-Fi hotspot to exchange data and moreover, this process is so seamless that you can transfer the bundle of Data in minutes. You can always sell your old smartphone with the Cashify app and for this the primary reason Cashify is famous. You get the best pricing in terms of selling your old device so what else do you need.

As helpful as all these tools can be, they can also confuse and overwhelm, especially at first use they might be a bit tricky for newbies but when they get a hang of it, they’ll love them and surely use them in their day to day life.



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