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Smartphone Recommendations Based On Age


There are so many different age groups when you’re looking at a smartphone’s target audience, they all have a different opinion on what smartphone is right for them. Some of them might be from the younger generation and might understand technology a lot better than someone who is a lot older. Of course, there will be exceptions to this stereotype.This is quite natural since the older generation wasn’t accustomed to mobile phones and gadgets as we are and therefore have a weaker understanding of it. Let’s have a look at what kind smartphones recommendations we can give based on a person’s age.

For someone aged 10-15 years

Some may argue that we shouldn’t let children under the age of 10 own a smartphone. For those who are above 10 and below 15 though, a smartphone with perhaps the most essentials features is recommended.

Children at this age may need light exposure to social media, YouTube, and the internet to help with studies. Of course, an expensive gadget in their hand would be quite disastrous as there is a good chance they might lose it. Maybe look at phones in the range of Rs 5-10K – such as offerings from Xiaomi.

For someone aged above 15 and below 25

For some of the young crowd and arguably the most familiar with technology, you can recommend a medium to high-end smartphone. Again it comes down to the choice of the user. Some users might be extremely active on social media and would need a phone with a great selfie camera and rear camera.

The tech enthusiasts among them may simply want the most powerful phone there is – in which case they should probably just pick the Samsung Galaxy flagship of the year or maybe the Pixel?

The possibilities are endless here – flagships from HTC, Samsung and OnePlus, or even the iPhones can be ideal.

For someone aged above 25 and below 40

The typically more productive age bracket in this article, people from this group might conduct a lot of business on their device and might need a lot of apps open at the same time. For these people, it can be assumed that they know their way around a smartphone and recommending high spec smartphone seems to be the ideal choice. Again that also depends on the type of users and the demographic which uses it.

But an iPhone, or even the Galaxy Note series for those who want bigger screens, are ideal options here.

For someone aged above 40 and below 55

For these relatively old users, one can recommend a device which is not too hard to navigate and understand. An iPhone does suit this exact category of people provided they can cough up the money required to pay for one.

Above 55

Source: 9to5google

For the old timers, a simple smartphone which you give to your child below the age of 10 can suffice. They would need it to perhaps browse social media, and one can assume that they might spend their time browsing through videos. A basic smartphone which does stress the old timers out while navigating through the device. We’re back to the Rs 15k range again here then – maybe look at flagships that are a generation old so that they can use a well built smartphone that doesn’t compromise on specs, but does compromise on its price.

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