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Which Smartphone Makes A Good Christmas Gift?

phone to buy on christmas
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Christmas is approaching. For those of you who are thinking of ideal Christmas presents for your near and dear ones, we’ve got a list sorted. Allow us to state the obvious –  the most useful and appreciated gift would be a smartphone of course!

But since there are such a wide variety of options, how does one choose from them? How does one decide what is the best deal suited for them? Well, we’ve got you covered. These are three amazing phones you can gift to your family and relatives on Christmas.

The iPhone X

Obviously, if you can afford one, nothing lights the Christmas bulb as good as an Apple product under your roof. Granted that the device is a tad bit out of the reach of the common man, but hey there is always the EMI option. But it is quite obvious that if you want to bring a smile to the person’s face then iPhone X is the way to go.

Mi A1

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If economical gifts are what you’d rather spread the love with, the A1 is for you. Buy the Xiaomi Mi A1. Though the phone doesn’t compare to the iPhone X on hardware by any measure, it clicks some amazing photos. For its price, it’s also got solid specs. Gift the phone to your loved one, and a click great selfie with them.

OnePlus 5T

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But seriously, the phone to give this Christmas is the OnePlus 5T. Everything about the device is great, starting from its price, to its performance, to its battery and display. The perfect Christmas gift, we say! This one is a healthy balance of everything.

Now that you have a ready list, go splurge your heart out on some lovely Christmas presents for your close ones!