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Smartphones Breaking Bad Characters would use In Real Life

Smartphones Breaking Bad Characters would use In Real Life

Ever since the first season of Breaking Bad aired on TV in 2007, the hype about the show has been off the charts. Breaking Bad culminated in a bloody finale and the 14th episode of the final season held an IMDB rating of 10 for more than 10 months.

The show itself holds the highest IMDB rating for any TV show of all time at 9.5. Obviously, several fan theories and memes sprouted across the TV series and the characters were immortalized forever.

It’s been 2 years since Vince Gilligan aired the finale for the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad, with a couple of spinoffs also in play around the life of popular characters in the show. The show mostly showed characters using flip-phones which were dispensable and created a cooler on-screen effect. But what phones would really suit their personality? Let’s do a deep dive and analyze.

Walter White

Cancer affected chemistry teacher who formed the biggest meth empire seen in the southwest US was perhaps the greatest character portrayed on the small-screen. In his initial days of being broke, he might be having the small flip-phone which has been shown with nearly all the characters. But as the series progressed Walt began creating a meth distribution chain which saw him rolling in the dough.

He even bought his mentally disabled son a Dodge Challenger and a Chrysler 300 for himself. This shows that Walt became a bit of a show-off but he was also extremely careful of his operations. The best option for him was only a flip phone Moto Razr, which was sleek as well as discrete and disposable.

Jesse Pinkman

Walt’s apparent apprentice of his meth business, Jesse was a meth-head earlier in his life. In the initial stages of the operation, he was extremely reckless and a show-off.

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone

He might have bought a Vertu phone, as Pinkman was never a gadgets person, but he would have definitely liked the jewels embedded on the phone. He probably won’t get any of those now that the company is shutting down.

However, later on in life, he becomes disconnected with the entire world and tosses millions of dollars around without a care. At that point, he might not have cared if he owned a Nokia 3310. Incidentally, a Trump-Putin customized Nokia 3310 recently released.

Gus Fring

The head of the biggest meth-operation above the border, Gus was a man of extremely simple tastes. He might have been making millions of dollars but owned 1998 Volvo for his perfect cover as a restaurant manager. However, operating an entire empire with a complex distribution system is no easy task.

Smartphones Breaking Bad Characters Would Use

Therefore, Fring will be using a cheap device like the Blackberry Curve phone to manage all his work and not raise any suspicion at all. However, it turns out he may not have to ‘face’ any inquiry in the future.

Saul Goodman

Smartphones Breaking Bad Characters Would Use

Formerly known as James McGill, Goodman was the go-to guy for every problem Walt or Jesse required. A lawyer by profession Saul was definitely the kind of guy who would own more than a dozen of burner phones. So for him personally the best phone would be the Nokia 130, cheap and disposable.

However, for his personal use, he could use any of the latest iPhones in the market (maybe even the upcoming iPhone 8?). In the series, he was also spotted using a Blackberry device.

That’s all folks. While the Breaking Bad characters would pretty much get all kinds of smartphones for themselves, which ones would you rather keep? And more importantly – which ones would you rather sell?