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Smartphones Just Got Brilliant With New Pre-Touch!


Android, Windows or iOS, whichever the smartphone may be, this next big trend is just about to take the cool quotient to another level.

Gone are the days when a stylus, on hovering near the surface used to affect the touchscreen. This is the era of Pre-Touch!


According to Ken Hinckley, the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, with this Pre-Touch technology you can affect the touchscreen of a smartphone with your fingers. The best part is, you can do it without actually touching it!

You can witness the Pre-Touch technology in action on a Windows smartphone.

Video Courtesy: Microsoft Research

This concept might be familiar to that of the ability of a stylus seen in Samsung Galaxy Note. By leading this project, Ken Hinckley stated that he sees a bigger picture for mobile interaction with your hands and fingers along with endless possibilities of sensors on smartphones together with extensive capability of auto-rotating the screen orientation.

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