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Snapchat just introduced some Exciting New Features!

Snapchat introduces links and voice stories to snaps

Snapchat has rolled out a new feature on its app that allows users to choose a video for their Snap story from a list of multiple videos shot on the app.

The update allows you to record six 10-second clips successively so that the user can go over the one minute recording and choose the best video to upload to their Snapchat story. This has been termed as the multi-snap recording feature and is currently available globally for iOS users only.

The Tint Brush

There is also another update in the form of an effect called as the ‘tint brush’ that will help users edit the color of objects within a photo. This feature has been rolled out both on Android and iOS devices.

The tint brush works a like a magic wand and supposedly employs powerful object-recognition technology to color the subject. You just have to pick the colour you want the object to look like and trace an outline on the photo. The app does the rest.

For the time being the tint feature has been limited only to photos that have already been captured. In the near future, it may soon be used on videos or even as a real-time effect through the camera viewfinder.

Instagram Rivalry

Snapchat, which also recently launched the SnapMap – has been constantly dealing with increasing competition from the likes of Facebook-owned Instagram. Also the amount of time users stayed on the app had also decreased which had caused a massive drop in their share prices. The updates are in place to increase user-engagement to rival that of Instagram