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Solar Powered Smartphones Are Coming

Solar Powered Smartphones Are Coming

We’re used to seeing solar powered street lights, parking meters in our streets or the photovoltaic panels mounted on top of our house and our office buildings. Now imagine – instead of searching for a grid to plug your cell phone, what if the sun could do the work for you?

Kyocera corp., the Japanese based cell phone company has come up with a prototype of a 12.7cm solar powered phone. The device provides a minute of talk for every 3 min of sunlight it receives. To develop this prototype, Kyocera worked with a France based company named Sunpartner Technologies which provides a translucent film embedded with photovoltaic cells. This advance made by the company comes with a big question that whether the sun will be able to power our comprehensive Smartphone and other mobile gadgets instead of plugging them every night.

The Science Involved

The solar panel absorbs the protons from the sun’s ray which fall on them and converts them into electrical power. Here the panel tend to be of a darker material or black in colour as black absorbs more visible light. But the question here is how can a transparent screen or a glass of a cell phone do the same?

Solar Powered Smartphones Are Coming

“You can put the coating on anything and turn it into an electrical source might it be for smart watches, phones, windows, or even cars,” says company founder Miles Barr. When the tech is mature, Barr anticipates it will convert solar energy into electricity with 10 percent efficiency.