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Sony To Guillotine Xperia C & M Series Smartphones!


Though the plans have been rumored about from a long time, Sony apparently seems to be planning to cancel out quite a number of phones.

It was reported that Sony has already cancelled its lineup of Xperia Z series (Sell Used Xperia Z Here) and the time seems right to guillotine the series of Xperia C & M smartphones.


Rumor has it that Sony has taken a decision to make the forthcoming series of Xperia X as its primary lineup till 2018.

This reflects that Sony is looking forward to restructure its portfolio as far as smartphones are concerned. Sony also intends to bring all the future new mobile launches under one parent category of Xperia X. (Sell Used Xperia C Here)


This is not to be taken as only one model. Sony might be seen introducing high-end as well as mid-range flagship smartphones under the Xperia X category.

Though the phones will bear the same brand name, they will be distinguished by specs and price tag. Nothing is assured as of now but we never know what Sony might unveil at the IFA 2016 that is just a few months away. (Sell Used Xperia M Here)


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Till then, enjoy the Sony Xperia X video below.

Video Courtesy: Sony Xperia

Information Source: Ubergizmo.com



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