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Sony To Introduce Dual Lens Camera In Leading Smartphones!


This is to bring to your kind notice that it is indeed true that dual lens cameras will soon be reality for leading smartphones. Moreover, they will be introduced in the mobile market as early as next year. Amidst the cut-throat competition in reference to offering the best mobiles, users are equally looking for a high resolution camera to capture few valuable and priceless moments “instantly”.




To cater to the craze of capturing moments instantly, Sony has come up with a plan to introduce dual-lens cameras in leading smartphones from next year onwards. This buzz has also received a confirmation from CFO Kenichiro Yoshida, that from next year, the mobile market will comprise of some renowned brands having dual-lens.




Sony is taking its own time for introducing such an innovation as the growth of such high end smartphones is slow due to the slight risky behavior. Since not many manufacturers are able to make that cut with high end phones, it will take time for the production team at Sony to upgrade the smartphones and probably users will have to wait till 2017. Hence, the arrival of dual lens camera can only be seen in or after 2017.


How are “Dual Lens Cameras” different?


  1. We will be witnessing greater zoom without actually resorting digital zoom.
  2. The lenses can work very well even in low lights.




Hence, it will further take the precision and craze of photography to the next level. The revolution that Sony has brought while providing image sensors is indeed remarkable and it is only a matter of time before, we could actually be a proud witness of this invention.


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