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Sony Leading The Android L Rollouts


Back in the October of 2014, when Google officially unveiled their next new open-source mobile OS, codenamed Lollipop, Sony was the quickest among all the OEMs to ensure their consumers stay on the cutting edge of technology. Within hours of Google’s release, Sony confirmed to their consumers that they will soon release the Lollipop update for all their premium Z series devices.


Delivering on their promise, within the span of a few days, Sony also released photos of the Xperia Z1 running stock Lollipop, letting the world know that they successfully had ported Lollipop to their device. The official release came just a few days later.

This let people know two things-

  • Sony delivers what it promises.
  • They ensure their customers get updates faster than anyone else.

Rewind back to the time when the historic breakup between Sony and Ericsson took place. The first devices to bear only the Sony name on them were the Xperia S, the Xperia P and the smaller Xperia U, all of them ran Android Gingerbread at launch. Later on, when ICS launched, Sony promised that even the smallest of the three, the Xperia U will be treated with the newer OS. Everyone doubted this though, as ICS was a RAM and power hungry OS, and the Xperia U had just 512MB of RAM overboard. Yet, Sony didn’t go back on their words and released ICS for all the three devices. This showed Sony’s determination to ensure that their customers were satisfied.


Sony has always been the pioneer in delivering the fastest and most stable updates to their devices and the sole reason is their determination and hard work, people working day and night squashing all bugs and making stable software as quickly as (humanely?) possible.

Sony's Baby Xperia U
Sony’s Baby Xperia U


In this pursuit of being the quickest though, Sony also made sure that they are the most developer friendly too. Making their own programs and guidelines to unlock the bootloaders of their phones and root them, they even went as far as kicking off a Developer Ecosystem from scratch, the Sony Developer World, by which, Sony is able to give support to devices older than the typical 2 years support age, even if the software won’t be considered official.


The most developer friendly, the quickest in updates, the best designer of all glass phones, Sony is surely an amazing smartphone all-rounder.

Sony Developer World
Sony Developer World


Hail Sony! We genuinely love you guys!  Continue making classy devices and supporting them longer than any other manufacturer will.

The company is also known for its amazing TVs and the all important Playstation, too.

Not just this hyperbrand, there are many low-end and mid-range phones which get you the latest software too. See this to know more.


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