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How to spot an Indian Apple (iPhone, iPad or Mac) User?

how to spot apple user

Gadgets are status symbol of us Indians. We carry them around and make sure our friend and family see them :). Below are the sure shot ways of spotting an Apple user. Be it the iPhone, iPad or the Mac.

1. Although iPhone is the only Apple product they use, they give long lectures on how all Apple products are superior and how Steve Jobs was the only visionary in the modern world.


2. Every time there’s a discussion on the OS and there is talk about open source and how Apple is so controlling their saving grace is ‘If you don’t have an Apple then you don’t have Apple.’ They talk about other huge brands like Samsung and Nokia like they are Chinese fakes who copied features of Iphone 3Gs on their Galaxy S5 or Lumia series. They look down upon Android or Windows users as though they have some kind of STD.


3. They don’t do Google Chat or Skype but believe in Face timing. They go on and on about the amazing productivity of an iPhone but in reality only use it play Candy Crush and protect their phones with “hello kitty” covers.


4. They use an iPad to take a selfie however difficult it may be and anytime someone ask them if they have a normal phone charger, they respond with a smirk “Uh-hello. I have an iPhone”. 


P.S: Please note that this post is intended to be funny in nature and not to be taken seriously or against any community or brand. Also don’t forget to sell your old phones, laptops or iPads on ReGlobe.

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