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Swap on Snapdeal, Sell on ReGlobe & Secure on Onsite!


You have arrived at the right place in case you were planning to buy a new mobile or get rid of the old ones. With the advent of New Year 2016, Snapdeal brings you an amazing mobile exchange offer in collaboration with ReGlobe.


To save your time and energy, we have collated all the information you need to know about the exclusive Snapdeal Exchange Offer. All you need to do is Swap on Snapdeal, Sell on ReGlobe & Secure on Onsite.


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This exchange festival will enable our customers to secure their new phone with free Onsite extended warranty for 1 year. Also, this extended warranty is only applicable for those devices that will be bought under this exchange offer.


Starting from 3rd January 2016 this exchange will be open for all the customers who are willing to purchase new mobiles on Snapdeal till 9th January 2016. There are two parts to this exchange offer as mentioned below.


In order to avail the exchange offer, you must:

  1. Choose Your Mobile, Click on View All Offers & Opt For Exchange Your Old Device on Snapdeal OR Click Here.
  2. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen and complete the process.
  3. Once you accept the price quote, you can continue shopping your new mobile.
  4. On successful buyback, the customer will be eligible for an extended warranty via Onsite.
  5. You will receive an email and a call from our customer support team for the details to initiate the exchange process.




In order to avail the extended warranty, you must:


  1. Have already bought a new phone from Snapdeal.
  2. On the successful delivery of your new phone, our CS representative will contact you to provide assistance in scheduling a pickup for your old mobile.
  3. You need to fix an appointment for the pickup of old device.
  4. Once our representative arrives to pick up the old phone, the respective customer must furnish new mobile’s IMEI number.
  5. Once the IMEI number is furnished to our representative, the customer will receive an Onsite Extended Warranty for 1 year via email.
  6. You will receive this extended warranty within 8 days of the exchange date.





Note: The email in which you will receive the extended warranty from ReGlobe will also be the proof of receipt of the service rendered, i.e. Free extended warranty for 1 year.


All the customers who are willing to take part in this exchange festival must remember that the free extended warranty is applicable only for those devices that will be bought under exchange offer. Customers will be eligible for extended warranty only if the exchange process is successful.


Apart from that, customers must furnish the IMEI number of new device to complete the registration. Please note that warranty registration may take upto 8 days from the time of submitting IMEI number. Throughout the period of 8 days, our customer support team will be available to assist the customers about necessary details at every stage.


Make the most of it and get ready to Swap on Snapdeal, Sell on ReGlobe & Secure on Onsite.


Happy Shopping & Happy Selling!




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