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“Swipe Right” – How your smartphone influences your chances of mobile dating


It’s not just you alone responsible for how you’re doing on the dating scene. Chances are, your smartphone is dropping in some significant influence as well. While it may seem surprising – the impact is rather obvious once you think about it. Let’s delve into some of them:

#1 – Location filtering

Your smartphone is making it infinitely easier for you to score a date now. Most app based dating services factor in your location whenever you use them, to serve you other users. This was a lot harder when you dating was restricted to the web on standard computers. Now, you can decide the ‘radius’ you’d like to meet people within – making it quite easy for you to set your preferences and help you match with users in real-time.

#2 – Choice

Thanks to the sheer prevalence of smartphones with nearly everyone having one, you’re being treated to a lot more choice on the dating front. Contrast this to half a decade ago when a much smaller group of people were available on dating websites, and were of course, a lot harder to choose from given limited information. Now, with social media profiles syncing with dating apps via your smartphone, it’s far easier to take a decision on whether you should swipe right.

#3 – Your Profile

Your smartphone’s camera is your best friend here. Unless you’re someone who relies entirely on pictures from other sources to put up on your dating profile, chances are the photos on your profile are coming in from your smartphone’s camera. Which means unless it’s got double digit megapixel sensors with low-light support and OIS and half a dozen other gigantic adjectives on its camera, you’re not going to look your best?

Of course we’re exaggerating, but you get the point. Your smartphone camera will be responsible for how you are perceived by other people. So it’s clearly a good idea to be using one that doesn’t let you down.

#4 – Convenience

You couldn’t possibly have gone through the hundreds of profiles you’ve browsed by now simply by checking them out on your laptop all day. Thanks to your portable smartphone that does manage to last decently long with its battery, you can be swiping right on your way to work, at work, on your way back, and at home. It’s a hell of a lot more convenient now, more than ever!

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