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Tablets vs Phablets: Which one’s for you?


When Microsoft launched the so called Tablet, everyone knew that they finally had a large device meant solely for Data consumption and watching videos, document works etc. Then, Apple took to making their own tablet and launched the iPad, which successfully pioneered the tablet wars between gadget vendors. Back then, nobody considered building a tablet small enough to be called a phone. But after that, we saw the rise of the smartphone era. Every company launched their own flagship phones having top of the notch specs running on Google’s free OS, Android. That was when companies faced the dilemma on what size should be considered the maximum to be called a phone and not a relatively small tablet.


It was Dell who first experimented with the ‘Large Screen Phone’ concept with their, quite ugly and pointless (dare we say) Streak. This device went down in history as the first flop phablet or the first phablet period.


Following the failure of the Streak, most of the smartphone manufacturers considered the phablet line dead long before it was even born. However, Samsung were the ones who saw the true potential of these type of devices. Hence, they decided to revive the phablets by launching their Galaxy Note.


While everyone thought that the fate of the Note would be the same as that of the Streak, the Samsung device broke sales records, taking the smartphone market by storm. Now that we are in 2015, almost all vendors make phablets which in itself is a new breed of devices. But what is the point in having a phablet when you can have a tablet? Lets find out.

What’s the difference?

Phablets are the devices whose screens are larger than conventional smartphones but smaller than the screens on tablets. They are designed to combine the functionalities of both a phone and a tablet into one device. If you are both a huge data consumer as well as highly social, the phablet is designed for you.

The Tablet.

Tablets are designed for data consumption in the form of videos, browsing the web etc. Due to their large screens, videos are an obvious joy on them. But as they are quite large, they are not pocketable and hence, not that portable. But if you keep your tablet in a bag, it wouldn’t really matter. Most tablets have high end specifications, but due to their large and demanding displays, many a times, they show a little rendering lag. However, that is just a problem in some tablets, not all. As they are very large, calling is not suitable on a tablet, though some companies like Samsung offer the feature of inserting a SIM card and making calls, just like on a phone, it’s seriously not suitable on a tablet.

The Phablet.

Phablets almost always feature the most high end specifications of their time. Hence, they are extremely fast and have lots of storage space too. Most phablets are also flagships ensuring that they are good enough to face the bearings of time for quite long before dying. Due to their big screens, watching videos is a joy on them, and due to their small enough size, they are highly portable too. They are essentially your phone and tablet fused into one, so that you need not buy two separate gadgets to fulfill your needs.


So do tablets have no point in existing now?


Absolutely not. Even though phablets do most of the stuff that a tablet can do, tablets are still more suitable for data consumption than a phablet due to their larger size. A tablet can double up as a small PC too while a phablet cannot.


The phablet is another breed of devices and not meant to kill of the tablet. Both are meant to co-exist as part of the tech world.


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