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Tekken 7 Combined With VR On PlayStation Is A Dream Come True!


A game on your PlayStation coupled with VR facilities is surely going to be the most exciting thing in 2016. Finally, the announcement for Tekken 7 on Play station has been released by Katsuhior Harada. The game has so far been available in Japan and few other cities in USA. However, it is now time that the game expands to gaming consoles too!




Yes, the game is all ready to work with the VR headset, announced during the presentation by Sony at Paris games week. Additional features are lined up for the players which weren’t present on the arcade version. The availability of the game has been announced on PlayStation VR which makes this more intense and the entire experience an amazing one.




It is expected that the game will hit the consoles sometime during the mid of 2016 or by the end of this year. Though the game isn’t the first to be available on the PlayStation VR, the question remains as to how far these games will perform on the VR headsets. Their success largely depends on the number games which will be made compatible with the VR headsets.




Despite all this, the very idea of Tekken 7 on VR headsets is fascinating enough. On one hand, if VR is the new cool in the world of video games, Tekken 7 might as well become the milestone of success in VR games. On the contrary, it is yet to be witnessed whether or not Bandai Namco and Sony have come up with a better version of the game which is best suitable for gaming that VR headsets aim to provide us.




No matter how the game is going to work itself up in the market, the concept of Tekken 7 on the VR PlayStation is intriguing indeed. The excitement and thrill is expected to remain at its peak and for now, let sky be the limit for gamers’ imagination. In the meantime, make sure you sell your old gaming consoles at ReGlobe in order to upgrade to the VR-compatible console. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App & enjoy instant cash at your doorstep!


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