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The 6.1-inch iPhone To Come With Single Camera


The iPhone is kind of the crown jewel in the smartphone industry. So you know that if there is even the slightest of leaks about the smartphone, it will be a big news story. Earlier this year, news broke out that Apple will be planning to release three new iPhones, one of which would have an LCD screen and there will also be two more iPhones with an OLED display.

Now a new report about a 6.1-inch iPhone X-like model has come to light and it is the iPhone model this year which will come with the LCD display. It was also reported that this iPhone would be costing a lot less than the current iPhone X.


The phone will also reportedly not have the latest Apple chipset and that would mean that most probably we should see the A11 Bionic chipset in the phone. There also is some chatter that this 6.1-inch variant of the iPhone will most likely have just a single lens setup and that the faceID system may also not be inside it.

Knowing Apple, it might be very hard to believe that they are going to bring back the fingerprint reader. They’ll have to devise some new form of an inexpensive faceID system so that they can give the correct level of authentication.

This phone in all possibility could be the next iPhone SE 2 and could be targeted towards the niche set of audience who would still prefer a handset. The aspect ratio of the display is also expected to be same 19.5:9 ratio we find on the iPhone X.

The frame of the phone looks like it will be made of aluminum, while the back features a glass panel similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. There is also the rumour that the phone will be launched a full 2 months of after the launch of the original iPhones planned in September.

Launched Delayed

While no one is quite clear on why the launch has been pushed back by 2 months, reports are citing that the phone might be facing something of technical difficulties which could have forced Apple to redesign all the manufacturing process for the iPhone. The main reason for this delay is a problem in the backlight of the device and the putting the LCD screen firmly around the notch.

Also going by the rivalry that Apple has with Samsung, there are high chances that the LCD panels on this particular phone will be supplied by LG. These are just early stages of rumours and therefore they should not be mistaken for fact. More details on these iPhones should be revealed soon. While you wait on the upgrade, selling your current smartphone on Cashify should make it easier on your wallet!