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The Big Bang Theory is perhaps one of the most popular sitcoms running since the last decade. The show was quite (in)famous for its massive Apple product placements in the entire series, so we thought it would be interesting to see what phones would the show’s characters be using otherwise.


The robotic, narcissistic genius Sheldon Cooper deserves a phone worthy of his stature. He gets an iPhone 8 Plus, since it is the fastest phone on the planet, with a brilliant display. It’d totally live up to the eccentric and geeky persona of Sheldon Cooper.


The short, sweet and blundering genius of Leonard Hofstadter deserves a phone which is quite reminiscent of him. So we have decided to give him, in the spirit of his personality, the small but brilliant Sony Xperia XZ Compact.


For perhaps the funniest character in sitcom history (yes, he is), a phone equally good is needed. The HTC U11 should do the trick – it was the best phone of 2017 till the iPhone came out, and it also literally outshined all the others thanks to its unique reflective glass back.


Being an astrophysicist, Raj should get a phone which suits his character nicely. The LG V30 feels like an appropriate phone for him – its razor cut sharp edges and quality camera controls give it a futuristic ‘space-phone’ feel.


For the incredibly sexy and fashion-minded Penny, a phone that lives up to all her style needs whilst also backing it up with some substance is a must! We have decided to bestow the super stylish and trendy Samsung Galaxy S8 upon Penny, as it probably is the best looking phone to come out of 2017.

While the Apple placements on the Big Bang Theory are fairly obvious for everyone to see, our favourite characters would seem far happier with phones that suit them. Let’s hope we seem them with our picks someday!