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The Easiest Way to Migrate Data from One Android To Another

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We’ve covered data migration in the past – for whenever you may have wanted to move from an Android device to an iPhone. Or whenever you were moving to Android from your iPhone too. The data migration process isn’t too much work, but it does involve installing additional apps that largely serve users switching between platforms.

All of this becomes irrelevant though if you are using Cashify’s app. Cashify app, aside from serving its obvious functions (of helping you sell/trade your used gadgets), also packs in additional useful features. One of them being data migration (between all kinds of Android devices).

Once you’re done installing the app from the Play Store, simply tap on the Data Transfer option that you’ll find at the bottom of your screen.

The Data Transfer window should pop up – allowing you to pick whether you’re the receiver or sender.

If you’re planning to send data, you’ll need to make sure the receiver device has Cashify installed too. Well, obviously.

Click on Next, enable the receiving function on the receiver device, and hit Sync Now from the sender. Both devices will now locate each other and connect.

Once connected, you get to choose whatever you’d like to be transferred. This can include Contacts, Messages, Accounts, Documents, Photos, Videos or even Music!

Tap your preferences, hit Send, and you’re good to go.

The transfer should take anywhere between a few minutes to upwards of 10, depending on the size of your data. A lot of music and video, for example, is likely to take longer. Simpler data such as Contacts and Messages should take no time.

Once done, your receiver device will be equipped with all you intended to transfer. It’s that easy. A couple of taps into the Cashify app and you’re good to go!

We even have a video for you to take you through:

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