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The loudest smartphone speakers in the market


In today’s era of blazing fast internet access, consumers have migrated to streaming a lot of video content online. Music is fast becoming a cheap commodity online with the introduction of Apple Music and Spotify. To enjoy music and video on the go a smartphone should be having top quality speakers as well. Here is a list of speakers with some impressive volume levels.


Aside from its awesome, wide-angle camera and always-on display, it turns out the G5 is making a shout about audio prowess too. It’s already capable of loud volume levels, but its smart, modular design allows you to increase the volume further by replacing the battery module with a Hi-Fi Plus speaker.

iPhone 7

Despite having a smaller frame than the iPhone 7 Plus, the smaller variant packs in a massive 75 dB of speaker volume. It’s dual stereo speakers are also, twice as loud as the speaker on iPhone 6s.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

The Lumia has in fact a tremendous volume strength in the tune of 85 dB. Going with the jaw dropping sound is an epic Quad HD display, though slightly larger at 5.5-inches, and also a 20MP camera.


Aside from being the fastest smartphone in the market, the HTC U11 also has a Boomsound speaker setup. There are two speakers, but HTC has stuck with the plan of splitting the sound between high-end and mid/bass levels, with the former coming out the earpiece and the latter firing downwards at the bottom of the phone.

Huawei P9   

The Huawei P9 performs impressively in the audio department pumping out a massive 75 dB when the occasion calls for it.

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