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The Most Popular Custom ROMs for Android


Android’s open source nature allows developers to create custom ROMs. With custom ROMs you can change every element of the Android interface, which we’re sure you’d have run a 100 times over yourself. Let’s look at the best custom ROMs available for Android:


CyanogenMod has unique features like integrated theme engine, custom profiles, gestures, wherein you can configure the working of the navigation bar, status bar, notification drawer and hardware buttons. The ROM is also regularly updated and supports most devices which are available.

Paranoid Android

With a customizable interface, there are a number of unique features like hover notifications, cool immersive mode, dynamic system bars, peek notifications from lock screen and use of gestures instead of navigation buttons. It is officially available for Nexus, Oppo and OnePlus devices.


Though it doesn’t look very attractive, this ROM has many useful features like configurable toggles, lock screen along with customization options for status bar, notifications etc. Other important features are Smart Radio, App Ops, battery styles and more. Officially it is only available for Nexus devices but available for other devices too from unofficial channels like XDA.

Resurrection Remix

The key point of Resurrection is that it enables you to personalize everything. From the lock screen and notifications drawer to navigation buttons and animations. For people who wish to get an amalgam of features from other ROMs, Resurrection Remix is a very good option. It supports plenty of Android phones.

Dirty Unicorns

This ROM presents a whole host of features to excite you. It includes the CM theme engine along with features like status bar and notification drawer mods, notification LED settings, lock screen configurations and more customizations. It also has a “Dirty Tweaks” section which includes tweaks like double tap to lock, immersive mode, OmniSwitch floating toolbar, dataflow indicators and more. This ROM is also supported on many devices.

Give new life to your android smartphone through these custom ROMs. They pack in lots of features and are stable. If your device is too old to be running this variety, perhaps it is time for an upgrade?