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World’s 3 Greenest Smartphones you didn’t knew

The World’s 3 Greenest Smartphones

When we talk about the greenest smartphones – we’re obviously not referring to green bodies or screens. We’re talking about how eco-friendly the smartphones are. Ecology and technology are two opponents and different sides of the equation. Phone manufacturers are looking forward to make eco-friendly phones. A green phone must use less energy, recyclable, low emission rate, durable etc. Here are the greenest smartphones in our opinion.

Sony Xperia (Z, SP, ZR)

The World’s 3 Greenest Smartphones

Sony uses the non-toxic and recyclable materials to make their phones. The Sony Z, Sony SP and Sony ZR hace passed all the tests and proved to be the most eco-friendly and durable phones in the world. To reduce their environmental impacts, this series of phones has virtually eliminated unsafe materials.

Microsoft Lumia 532

The World’s 3 Greenest Smartphones

Microsoft failed to stand out in the market but did produce eco-friendly and recyclable handsets. The Microsoft Lumia 532 is a small screen phone with a bigger advantage to environment. It comes with less packaging, free of PVC, nickel, and brominated flame-retardants. The battery life of this series is healthy too, which leads to less consumption of energy. The notable eco-friendly features of the phone give this phone a green status.

Fairphone 2

The World’s 3 Greenest Smartphones

This phone is the green leader in the phone’s market. The company uses the recyclable and durable items to make these handsets. The body is made of recycled plastic and aluminium.

There’s a modular design, and due to easy reparability you can sell spare parts and offer repair tutorials. The company encourages the users to use this phone till the end of the handset’s usable life. 

Want to help make the world a greener place? Sell your older smartphone and pick one of these green ones.