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Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your Smartphone


Selling your old smartphone? Without some precautionary measures, you risk giving up your data, and even possibly losing out on a better deal/price. Let’s recap all that you may need to do before you sell.

#1 – Back up your data and settings

Save backups or transfer all your contacts, photos, videos, Gmail, documents, web browser bookmarks, Google+ and more. You could use Cashify’s very own Android app to save all this data to the cloud, and then restore to your new device.

#2 – Perform a factory reset

Completely erasing your data, or performing a “factory data reset”. Head to Settings>Backup & reset>Factory data reset. You’ll probably need to enter in your PIN or password. After this, your phone will get to work.

#3 – Run Performance Boosts

Post the factory reset, it may be a good idea to run performance and battery boost test to do a final-step optimization to ensure your phone is selling for its maximum price. Again, this is possible via Cashify’s very own app.

#4 – Get Yourself The Best Price

Once you’re all set, use the Cashify app and feed in your device’s details – the model, make and condition etc. Cashify will then quote you the best price for your phone. What’s more? The device will be picked up from your doorstep, without you having to go anywhere.

You will be then be paid for your sale upon receipt of the device. This shouldn’t be too surprising though. I mean, it’s 2017. If not now, when?

Download the Cashify app here.