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This Mother’s Day: Cashify the Old, Embrace The New!


Mothers often hold on to the things they cherish. Of course they’re always going to have us as the center of their lives, but they’re also considerably sentimental about other things – whether its an old utensil at home or our first toy.

But sometimes, we must admit, they’ve got to let go. Let go of what are surely the most memorable parts of our lives, but only to make room for the tons of new memories they’ve got ahead of them.

At some points in our lives, we’re not sure when exactly, there’s a role reversal of sorts we have with our parents. From having been taught how to tie our shoelaces or hold a spoon, we transition to nudging our moms into new technology – smartphones, social networks, stunning photos, and even new laptops!

Sounds familiar? Check out Cashify’s videos to refresh your  memories:

Cashify The Old, Embrace The New!

And what better occasion than Mother’s Day to mark this change? Sure, they’ve held on to their old phones – with a camera we’d never use, or speakers that barely make it. And ask them to upgrade, and aside from mom’s characteristically sentimental reasons, we’ll also get the classic ” Ab iss purane wale phone ka kya karna hai“?

That’s where we come in. Puraane phone ko Cashify karna hai. There’s plenty of experiences mothers are yet to have. New memories to create, new music to groove to, and of course, another thing to remember us by! Cashify is here to help moms make room for them! Celebrate this Mother’s Day by gifting mom new memories, and having her look ahead! Share the beginning of this new phase with #MaaAurCashify! Have an incredible Mother’s Day!