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This World Book Day, Cashify Is Giving You A Kindle


Books undeniably provide a solace and a peace of mind that only a few other things can provide. The most important characteristic of a good book is the connect it forms with the reader. The sheer joy of being transported to a fictional world while we delve more into the protagonist’s life is quite unparalleled.

But this World Book Day, books will provide more than just a reader connect. They’ll give us rewards!

The World Book Day, With Cashify!

While we are engrossed in our favourite books, haven’t we wondered what would happen if some of our favourite characters were reincarnated into the modern world? What kind of phones or devices would they be using? Titled as #HeroesPick, Cashify is running a World Book Day contest this week on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, where you can have this exact opportunity – of wondering what you think about your beloved characters. Unleash your mystery-solving mind and tell us what smartphone you think the following characters would carry with them.

The characters are:

  • Game Of Thrones Mother of Dragons: Daenerys Targaryen,
  • The world’s only consulting detective Sherlock Holmes,
  • Disney Princess Cinderella,
  • The most fearsome X-Man Wolverine,
  • Our favourite wizard Harry Potter and
  • The Athenian Justice League warrior Wonder Woman.

Would Sherlock prefer the HTC U11? It ships with not one, not two, but 3 AI assistants – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and HTC’s Sense. He could definitely do with more than just Watson assisting him out.

Or perhaps Daenerys Targaryen would like Galaxy Note 7 – one which heats up and explodes in a manner only dragons could match!

Harry Potter may very well want the Moto X though – given that it comes with so many ‘modules’ and add-ons, much like horcruxes!

Jokes aside, respond with your answers in the #HeroesPick posts’ comments sections about what you think will be the best device which will suit your favourite character. The winning answer will be selected at random, and will get an Amazon Kindle for free! As if reading wasn’t rewarding enough already!

The competition starts from 23rd April and runs until 28th April. Fire away in the comments below!