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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Camera?


Only a true photomaniac knows the delight of using a professional DSLR to grab their best moments. They know that true photography works best on a dedicated professional shooter and not on the low quality sensors on smartphones. Getting the exact lighting, color balance, size of objects, ISO, view angle et cetera is only possible on a true camera.

In this age of Instagramming and all the stuff which involves photography, one would much likely prefer taking better and truer snaps and hence invest in cameras. Although, like all other technologies, cameras are also getting better by the day and picture quality is becoming more lively and vivid. But if one already owns a camera and does not want to simply waste money on another camera when the current one can operate for a little more while, when to know the exact time when their camera needs an update? Let’s find out.

Rapidly depleting battery life

Cameras are usually equipped with rechargeable Li-ion batteries of lower capacities than the average smartphones. Being relatively smaller, they also tend to be weaker and die out more quickly than their smartphone counterparts. But most of the times a battery change is enough an upgrade to the existing camera instead of getting an entire module replacement.

Blurry images

Being primarily made of glass or similar materials, the lenses of cameras tend to get scratched and worn out overtime resulting in blurry and unclear images. This is a clear sign that the camera is old enough for replacement.


Blurred Viewfinder

Viewfinder is the part of the camera from which the photographer looks through to compose and focus the image. And just like lenses, the viewfinder is also made from the same material as lenses. As a result, it too gets scratched and worn out over time. Be sure to often check the viewfinder for clarity of the images.

Flash stops working

The flash of the camera is one of the most important parts of the camera when it comes to indoor photography and low lighting conditions. And as cameras age, the flash seems to weaken until it may finally stop working. The flash is not working as it should? Pay a visit to your local camera dealers sometime soon.

System UI crashes often

Most cameras now include a digital interface to control all the functionalities of the camera rather than physical buttons. As the time passes and more pictures are clicked, the interface of the camera may start to stop responding or show errors. Get a replacement then.


There are also certain not so obvious hints to get a repair or replacement. Some of these may be color problems and oversaturated pictures may at some point start bugging you more often and hinting an upgrade.

Observing any of the above problems on your camera? Have the money for a better replacement? Go ahead and grab a better snapper.


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