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Tinder tests Bitmoji integration using the recently launched Snap Kit


Tinder is, of course, the hook-up app that lets users like/dislike other users and allow them to chat. The hugely popular service has now has started using Snap Kit – a tool from Snapchat – for Bitmoji integration.

The dating app announced that it’s beginning to roll out Bitmoji integration to select users of Mexico and Canada (expected to rollout in the US soon). In order to use Bitmoji, users must connect their account with Snapchat. This brings their Bitmoji stickers to Tinder’s DM.

Bitmoji on Tinder is powered by ‘Snap Kit’

Snap Kit is a tool introduced by Snapchat that lets developers integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across various platforms.

According to Tinder, Bitmoji should help users break the ice and giving users some freedom in expressing their personality in casual and witty ways.

Here’s how to get your Bitmoji onto Tinder:-

  • Tap the green Bitmoji icon next to GIF
  • Next tap on “Connect to Snapchat”
  • The app will ask for your permission if you would like to use Bitmoji. Hit Confirm.
  • Done, now you’re  set to use Bitmoji.

The integration of Bitmoji is a self-representation of one’s avatars is a creative way. Currently, this feature is in testing period, but the app is expected to introduce this feature to wider audience.
Tinder matches will not be able to access each other’s Snapchat handles, only your Bitmoji avatar.

Good luck, singles!


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