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Tips to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Tips to Extend Your Laptop's Life

From a user perspective, laptops (like smartphones) nowadays are running low on battery almost every time. Constantly working with your laptop plugged in for charging is unsafe and also extremely exasperating. The USP of a laptop – which is its portability, is rendered useless due to constant charging. If your work is on the go then you definitely need some battery conservation techniques to optimize your work. Here are some:

Change your Built-in power savings

The most essential thing for conserving your laptop power settings is to get familiar with the battery settings. In Windows, it’s “Power Options,” which you can bring up by hitting Start and typing just that. In macOS, it’s in System Preferences under Energy Saver. This is the easiest way to conserve the battery if you keep the settings to battery saver. However, this will come at the cost of performance of your laptops.

Download a Battery Utility App

There are a number of free utility tools available on the internet which can help in monitoring the battery life of your laptops. They help in real time to manage the battery levels, and offer deeper insights on your charging, cycles and also on the remaining life.

Keep your screen brightness in check

The laptop’s screen is the one usually sucking up all the power when active. During sleep mode the screen is off, and no battery is lost. But while it’s on, you can easily squeeze out more power if the screen brightness is turned low. If you have a Windows machine, you may even consider disabling adaptive brightness and controlling it yourself. Keeping your screen so dark you can barely see may eke out a few more minutes of usage.

Keep your Laptop cool

One of the biggest battery killers is the constant heating of the laptop while you’re working. This constant drainage is not only harmful in the short term, but prolonged usage of this type can hurt the battery in the long run as well. So the best thing to do is keep your laptop as cool as possible. Many external cooling fans may help suffice for the job. Grab a lap desk, keep the back elevated a bit if the fans are on the bottom, and avoid crowding the sides or back. Egg cartons can also make useful cooling pads.

Kill all Apps Consuming Excess Memory

Along with minimizing the brightness of your laptop’s display, another tweak that’ll save you energy both before you’re low and when you are low is to kill any power-hungry apps or tools that run in the background while you work. This type of closing down is more generally applicable to smartphones and tablets rather than a desktop. But the principle in general is the same. The more you close down on power hungry and memory eating apps the better your battery life will be. It really is worth keeping an eye out for.

Good luck!

All of these techniques should deliver a noticeable improvement on your battery life. It they don’t, it’s likely that it’s time for you to get yourself a new machine. Maybe trade your current one for a good deal on your next one?