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Tips to keep in mind when Buying Smartphones


You are looking to buy a gadget to take photos, play games, connecting on the internet, online shopping, paying bills, e-mailing , texting and indeed making for calls. The new age smartphone is not just meant for making calls n texts but all these things possible for you in your hands. Picking the right device to enable you to do all this easily will definitely make you go crazy. Not to worry just follow these simple guidelines and make your task easy and simplified

  1. Choose the right OS : There are three to choose from: Android, iOS(iPhone) and Windows Phone. Blackberry now not much in vogue you can choose one with which you are comfortable.
  2. Look for the right size : Phablet or no phablet: Nowadays modern consumers are looking for big screen sizes. Phablets phones with screen sizes 5 inches or larger account for a quarter of all smartphones sold. Large displays provides you with more real estate for watching movies, playing games and enjoying photos, the only difficult part is that such phones are difficult to handle with one hand and are also a tight fit for your pocket.
  3. Very important specs: Processor: Being the brain of the device the faster the processor you can open apps quickly on your mobile. RAM: The system memory also plays a great role in how good a smartphone performs. In order to load applications from memory fast and switch between them fast more RAM is much better. Screen: Apart from the size of the screen various other features such as brightness, sharpness, viewing angles and color also matters.Storage and expansion: One should opt for much internal memory as nowadays mobiles are used much for saving photos, videos, music, apps and much more.
  4. Look for the best camera possible: While judging about the camera the quality of both the sensor and the image is a very important factor. Do not just go behind the megapixels being higher so the camera is good.
  5. Do not go for a low battery life: The battery is checked in terms of its capacity. Around 3000mAh or above is a better battery and will last for long.


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