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Some Tips to Make your Phone Look Good


Looks. The oh-so-important looks. They define who you are, what you’re capable of and even where you belong. The same applies to technology. The way a gadget looks expresses many things. The ability of the gadget, the power it holds and even its cost and feel, all of these and much more are defined by a mere first glance at the piece of tech.

Then why should the handheld phone be different?

We all love to buy beautiful looking cellphones, but is it too farfetched to ask for a custom look?

In this era of innovation, nothing is impossible and making your phone look different is not as hard as it seems. There are so many ways to custom finish your phone that it’s hard to choose from them. In this article, we will take a look at few of the ways, which are easier as well as more convenient than the rest, for making your phone look good.

Repaint your phone

Sounds hard, doesn’t it?


But it’s far from it. Repainting your phone, as difficult as it sounds, isn’t so hard. The best way to do it is follow our following guidelines:

  • First things first, get your tools. You don’t require much, just the given few items which are available easily
  1. Screwdrivers
  2. Masking tape
  3. Matte knife
  4. Spray paints
  • Now you better plan your colour scheme first using a software, or indeed your own imagination and a piece of paper. We recommend doing this in order to avoid any later mistakes.
  • Disassemble your phone. To avoid any unwanted problems and to make sure that the working components of the phone stay fit, it is required for you to disassemble your phone first. Make sure that you do not lose any screws in the process.
  • Mask you phone next. After disassembling your handheld, use a sand paper to swipe across the surface of the places you want to paint, this will allow your primary coat to stick. Next wipe your phone with a damp cloth and then let it dry for a bit. Now start the mummification process and wrap your phone in masking tape. After that, use a knife to cut the tape from the regions you want painted.
  • Fun time! Paint your phone. It’s time for the main event now, use your spray paints to paint your phone. Make sure to have a primary coat before the main coat in order to ensure that the paint stays for a long time. Use your colour scheme and make your phone look as good as you would like.
  • Let it dry. For the paint to stay well, you need adequate drying time, make sure the paint dries completely before moving forward.
  • Reassemble your phone. If you have done everything properly until now, this will be the easiest step for you. Make sure everything is fit perfectly.

Viola! You now have a custom painted phone.

Painting your phone not only makes it look good, it will hide chipping and other scratches and blemishes too.

Use stickers

Not up to the paintjob?


Fear not, we have another solution for you.

There are many attractive phone stickers in the market today. Though, some of them seem a bit out of place, but having a Ferrari sticker on the back of your iPhone where there is a long scratch is not too bad of an idea, right?

Stickers range from tiny, millimeter sized ones to large ones, inches in size. They come specialized to be stuck on many different regions of the phone. So if you need to hide any scratches or blemishes on your phone, using stickers is your easiest trade off.

Use phone covers

Not someone who likes a horse behind your backcover?


Don’t worry; you can use premium quality phone covers which will make your phone look much better. There are many different types of these things out in the market today. Flipcovers, window-laid ones or plain back covers, all of them do a spectacular job.

They not only hide any scratches, but also protect your phone from any more future damages due to dropping it or placing it on wrong surfaces.

Use a screen protector

Until now, we told you about making your phone look good i.e. making the parts other than the display appealing. But what if you want your display to look good too?


There are a wide range of screen protectors out now. Ranging from plain old ones to anti-glare dark ones to even shiny-glittery ones, the latter 2 will make your phone display look custom made and even very beautiful.

So if you want to make your phone display appealing, go for a beautiful screen protector.


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