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Tips for Windows Phone users switching to Android

Tips for Windows Phone users switching to Android

If you’re a Windows 10 Mobile user and are thinking of jumping ship to Android OS, then there are a couple of tips you should take before switching.

The best thing about Android is how open it is. However, you’re forced to have some Google involvement. But the truth is, you can switch and still be all about Microsoft if you want to. After all, why should you anyone give up the services they love just because you are changing phone platforms?

The truth is Windows 10 Mobile just isn’t competing right now, and its future is unclear and Of course, people would much prefer the opposite situation, but cold hard facts are impossible to ignore.

Sign up for a Google account first

The biggest and absolute Google necessity that you need on an Android phone is a Google Account. Without that, you can’t sign in to the phone or download apps. So if you don’t already have a Google Account make one and from thereon it will be easier to do stuff on your Android

Unlike Apple App store you are not required to have a credit card on file to download apps or content from the Google Play Store, so you can literally just sign up for an account and use it to log into your phone. There is also no need to even have to use the Gmail app or any other forward-facing Google services. If you want to buy apps without using a credit card, you’ll need use Google Play vouchers from a retailer and redeem the codes.

Microsoft it all up

If you wish to be keeping all your Microsoft services and accounts intact (why wouldn’t you?), you’ll be happy to know Android is your buddy. If you want to use Outlook, Office or Skype, or go nuts and install Microsoft’s own Android launcher and lockscreen, Play Store has a ton of Microsoft apps in the Play Store.

Surprisingly they are mostly pretty darn good.You won’t have to cancel Groove. You can also get the Xbox app. Your Outlook mail and calendars are safe. Better yet, Microsoft also has a single app which helps you find and download all of its other apps.

Move your contacts to Google

Even though you may want to limit your Google involvement, if you’re moving to an Android phone it’s a really good idea to sync your contacts with your Google Account. In that way, it also becomes easier for you to manage your day to day life, and if you ever need to go back to Windows (or over to an iPhone), it’ll become very simple to work with them.

Use Cortana

Cortana may not be able to do quite as much on Android as on Windows, but it’s still pretty useful for more than just replacing the Google Assistant.

On Android as well, you can use Cortana for syncing notifications to your PC, which is handy to have on any platform. But due to the fact that you’re signed in with your Microsoft Account anyway, everything you already setup from Windows will be there, too.