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Top 3 Laptops sold to Cashify


We get thousands of queries everyday at Cashify about people wanting to sell their old, used, broken laptops, smartphones and tablets. We have compiled a list of  top 10 Laptops sold on Cashify.

Its probably because these were the most sold laptops in last 5 years but as we don’t have any figures from Brand to prove it. So we are publishing our list of Top 3 laptop models which generate maximum queries and also sold to us.

1. HP Pavilion DV6000: With its  sleek design and shiny finish with a solid set of entertainment features its a good laptop. Main problem with these models are the weak battery. Most of these models come to us with dead battery or with Graphic card issue
2. Dell Inspiron 1525: Another laptop which is in our regular list. This laptop is majorly sold to us with a non working dvd and hinge problem. Also a lot of these the touch pad area of the laptop is rubbed off .
3. Dell Studio 1535: Dubbed as the ” Hinge wala laptop” in our team this laptop will always come with broken hinge cover. We believe its design  flaw as we have seen very few Dell Studio 1535 with intact hinge cover.
Happy selling 🙂


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