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Top 5 Apps To Secure Your Phone’s Data


As is the case for many of us, our smartphones are quite literally carrying our whole world – contacts, messages, payment information, eclectic music collection. That’s why it’s hard to understate the importance of keeping everything safe and secure. Certain apps however, can make a big difference—protecting your data and securing your communications. Here are five apps worth installing.

For Handling All Your Passwords – LastPass

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In this time of heavy password usage, there is a need to have an app to manage all your login details for you. This can make a significant difference to your productivity and security. Enter LastPass, which can quite safely store passwords, shopping profiles, sensitive personal data, and much much more.

All you need to remember is just one LastPass password. If by any chance you’re stuck for new combinations for new sites, there’s also a password generator which is included for you. Besides working on Android and iOS, LastPass is also on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

For Securing All Your IMs – Signal

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Currently the best app as far as encrypted messaging goes, Signal definitely takes the cake. It takes security more seriously than some of its better-known rivals. Plus it also brings to the table all the essential IM features that you’re going to need: group chatting, phone calls, read signal and much more apart from that.

Crucially the best thing about it is the end-to-end encryption—which means that the only people who can read your missives are the person receiving them. This is useful so that potential snoopers can’t take a look at your chats, even employees of Signal itself.

For Snoop-Free Browsing on Android – Orbot

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You may have your reasons for browsing the websites that you browse, and perhaps you’d like to keep those reasons and your browsing activities to yourself. Orbot is an app which would be bringing the power of anonymous browsing and messaging to your Android device. It does this by tapping into the open source Tor network so that it makes sure the 1s and 0s you’re sending and receiving are encrypted, anonymized and bounced around various locations worldwide.

For Securing Your Phone on Public Wi-Fi- Opera VPN

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If there is a need where you want to secure more than just the browser and specific apps on your phone then obviously you’ll need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs secure all the data coming which is coming in and out of your device but it comes at the cost of slowing down data transmission. That will keep people from snooping or breaking in. VPNs are especially quite useful if you’re on a public network and the security might be less than ideal—like at your local coffee house.

For Securely Deleting Files On Android – CCleaner

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Android has a nasty habit of creating lots of useless files that eat much of your precious space on your phone’s storage. CCleaner, is one of our favourite computer cleaning applications available right now available for Android devices, so you’ve got no excuse for having junk data and unused apps hanging around on your phone. If you upgrade to a premium account you can also get the option to schedule cleanups in advance.


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