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Top 5 File Transfer Apps for Data Transfer Similar to The Xender App

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While our phones have gotten smarter, file sizes have gotten larger – and that’s rendered Bluetooth obsolete. The protocol simply isn’t fast enough for a large file transfer, which is why we need slick file transfer apps. Fortunately, there are plenty of those around.


AirDroid is quite a popular file transfer app to transfer files from Android to PC. It has several other features too. They include sending and receiving SMS/MMS from the PC, checking your device notifications, and more. It can even find a lost phone, change camera settings, and use your apps. You can also transfer files to your computer from your phone. All the basic stuff is available for free.


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Never mind the complex apps with their excessive features – if you’re looking for an app that does the essentials and does them well, look no further than Cashify. It helps you transfer contacts, texts, call records and more simply by establishing a connection between the two phones. Use Cashify file transfer apps between Android devices or to a new phone in a few clicks! This is just the cherry on the cake, Cahify also runs a smart pricing engine to calculate the best price in the market on your used smartphone. Doorstep pick-up service & instant upfront cash make the service tempting to experience.

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Pushbullet is one of the best data transfer apps to transfer files from your PC to Android and back, or from one Android to another. It can also send and receive SMS/MMS messages, share your clipboard between devices, check your notifications, and file transfers. The free version gives you enough to send the occasional text or the transfer of some small files.


The most popular Android wireless file transfer app is perhaps SHAREit. Once devices are connected to each other, you will easily be able to see all the files available for transfer. It has an upper transfer limit of nearly 20Mbps. It is also one of the fastest transfer apps currently available on Google Play.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer makes Android wireless transfer easier. The two devices need to be connected to the same router though. The app will then be able to detect the devices that you want to establish a transfer link with, before having you send files between the device and PC.