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Top 5 Phones With The Best Displays

Top 5 phones with the best displays

Today’s phones are dependent quite heavily on their displays. In the market, we are seeing all kinds of displays – ranging from OLED to IPS LCD to AMOLED and so on. While buying a phone people generally tend to overlook the display, believing that all of them are the same. However, it is important to know that there is a big difference between a 1080p display and a 2K display, and even between the underlying technologies used.

While most people tend to overlook this difference, there is also the fact that many displays are not quite unique as they actually seem. So to make it easier for you to decide, here is a list of top 5 phones which we believe have the best display in the market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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There is no doubt that Samsung makes perhaps the best displays there are available in the market. It even supplies them to other smartphone giants like Apple and HTC. The S8’s curved Infinity screen display is extremely appealing to look at. The Super-AMOLED screen has a 2K resolution and a P3 colour gamut. This simply means that the phone can deliver a massive range of colour options, and does so with extreme brilliance. The phone also delivers 8 nits of brightness so you can read in bright sunlight as well.


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The HTC U11 smartphone is a great phone by all accounts – whether it be the performance or its critically acclaimed camera. The phone also has been acclaimed for its excellent display. The HTC U11 has a 2K screen with an OLED panel which puts out very beautiful colours. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the U11 also delivers a P3 colour gamut. It also gives out 7 nits of brightness for better reading in the sunlight. Unlike the S8 the U11 does not have an edge-to-edge screen, but it is still more than good enough.

iPhone X

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When it comes to the display a phone can have, then perhaps the iPhone X does not have any competition in the current market. The revolutionary iPhone has a full edge-to-edge display with a Samsung OLED making it the first iPhone with an OLED display. The iPhone display is being regarded as the best display in the market right now. It’s quite gorgeous and gives out 10 nits of massive brightness. This, of course, this makes the phone even more expensive than before.

iPhone 8

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The iPhone 8 ain’t no iPhone X, but it sure packs in a crazy display. The phone has an IPS LCD full-HD Retina Display and is actually great to use. It isn’t as bright or vibrant as the OLED screens that are all the rage in the market but nevertheless, packs in a punch.

Samsung Note 8

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If the Note 8 isn’t mentioned on the list of best displays ever then the list isn’t complete. Taking over from the S8 the Note 8 also has a curved infinity super-AMOLED output, and the only thing that is different is that the screen is now is 6.3 inches instead of the 5.8 inch on the S8. Other than that, everything is the same and it’s a really great phone.

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