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Top 5 smartphone features you should consider before buying


If you’re considering buying a new smartphone, it’s essential to get one with all the features you need.  There are smartphones in the market which have all the features possible but they will probably burn a hole in your pocket. So if you are one of those who would want to spend conservatively then you will need to choose the features you want in your smartphone. This is a list of top smartphone features you should consider before buying:

Scratch proof screen: Smartphones go through normal wear and tear every day.  They might get stepped on, scratched, dropped. If you choose to purchase a touchscreen smartphone, its screen has to be rough and tough. Gorilla glass screen is immune to scratches and normal wear & tear. So pick up a smartphone with something like gorilla glass or better.

Battery Life: The smart features and applications on your smartphone use a lot of battery and by the end of the day most you would be searching a charger and charging point to re-charge the battery. For me lately, it has become a major issue as the battery of my phone does not last beyond 5 pm in the evening. I have resolved that in my next smartphone purchase, I will put battery life at the top of my list of priorities. To check for battery life, you can look at the power of the battery. The Power of the battery is measured in mAh. More the mAh’s of the battery, longer it will last. But no matter how big the battery is, your usage pattern defines how long it will last at the end of the day.

Processor:  The heart of the smartphone is its processor and a powerful processor means higher speed. When a phone is brand new, it will run fast & furious regardless of the brand or model. However with time as you start downloading more apps, games etc., the processor slows down your phone. Search online about each processor and choose the best one which suits your requirements.

Camera: I have stopped using standalone camera. If you have good camera in your phone then you simply take out you phone and point & shoot.  Your new smartphone must have a nice camera. Do check for the megapixels (preferably more than 8) and pixel density to check quality of the camera. Flash support is also a necessary part of good phone camera especially when you are clicking with less light.

Storage space: Nowadays smartphones generally offer 16GB of storage space out of which only 12GB is practically available. Even though this is a good deal of storage space sometimes you just need more so having a smartphones with external memory expansion slot always helps. Put the SD card to expand your memory when you need it and then you can put it into your PC for easy data transfers.

While this list may change for different people, we feel these 5 are the must have. By the way how satisfied are you with your current smartphone? Will you be buying a new one for this year? If you plan to sell your old smartphone, don’t forget the checkout its worth on ReGlobe. This will make your new smartphone purchase even cheaper.


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