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The Top 5 Smartphones For Low Light Photography


A smartphone’s camera is one of the most decisive specifications during a purchase. Finally, many of the brands have seemed to abandon the unexplained race to be cram in more megapixels in a sensor, and have opted to bet more on the quality of these sensors.

To tell you which are the best camera phones for doing some crazy night photography, here’s a list of 5 smartphones with the best cameras for low light photography.

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

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The iPhone 8 Plus and X have incorporated a double rear camera combination of 12-megapixel each. But the objective of this double setup is not to improve the amount of light captured, as it happens in other models equipped with this technology, but more to bring a wide angle to their photos. The fact still remains that they will actually behave brilliantly before scenes with low light and night photography.

The sensor chosen by Apple is capable of taking captures with really low ISO values even in the most complicated light conditions. But as we have already mentioned, quite  interestingly, it will not be making use of the telephoto lens for this.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung has continuously maintained its 12-megapixel sensor with dual pixel technology, aperture f/1.7 and an optical image stabilizer. They gave such good results in the Galaxy S7 Edge, but not so in the part of processing what that smartphone captures – as the results are tuned to be oversatured.

However, the camera’s brilliant performance shows quite clearly in low light conditions. This makes it worthy of one of the highest positions in my selection of mobile phones with the best cameras for night photography.


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HTC has not been especially highlighted for the performance of its cameras on its smartphones. However with the U11, they have pinned great hopes on bridging the gap between themselves and other smartphones with the best camera of 2017.

The camera of the HTC U11 has a manual mode too. You can adjust the settings to take photos at your complete discretion. Along with that, it takes very great photos in other lighting conditions as well.

Google Pixel 2

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The Pixel has perhaps the best camera hands down in any Android phone. Even though the phone has a 16 MP single camera with f/2.2 aperture, the phone’s advanced artificially intelligent software manages to take absolutely gorgeous photos in low light or any condition. There is no current competition to the camera on Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL.

Aquaris X Pro

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BQ has bet quite heavily on the photography part of its phones. The truth is that they are doing very well. BQ actually demonstrated the quality of image offered by its previous flagship, the Aquaris X5 Plus and it was spectacular. It has demonstrated this again with its new Aquaris X Pro. The X Pro is positioned as one of the best smartphones with low-light capabilities. It’s got a low noise ratio, and near-zero shutter lag.

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