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The Top 5 Things you can do with your Old Laptop


One of the biggest questions modern people face is, ‘What on Earth should I do with my old Laptop?’ Fear not amigos, because here is a list of the five best things you could do to make your old companion’s life worthwhile.

There is no limit to the number of things you could achieve with an old PC, but for the sake of ease and also a better experience, here are the Top five things you could do.

#5 Get it serviced and viola, a spare computer

Let’s start with the obvious, you could just make everything work normally and use it as a spare PC, everyone can do with an extra computer.

This could sometimes get expensive as most old laptops might need heavy servicing, but if you are willing to loosen up your wallet, it will be worth it.


#4 Scavenge for parts

Many of us love to modify our computers and the biggest treasure we could find is an old laptop just waiting to be broken into.

You could just get all the good and working parts and use them on your new laptop as mods or just plain sell the, duh. Upgrading your RAM, your GPU et cetera can be easily done if you are a scavenger of old parts.


#3 Turn it into a Media Hub

Me: Hey! I just bought a new laptop.

Joe: What will you do with the old one?

Me: Well… I was planning to turn it into a media hub

Joe: Wow, that sounds cool.

This is one conversation many of us have had with our friends and acquaintances. Turning your old PC into a media hub is very easy and many people are already doing it.

This not only gets your old laptop something to do, but also saves memory on your new unit. It’s fairly simple to achieve. Empty out your old laptop, save for the System files and dump all your entertainment treasure into it, and viola, a media hub is ready to make your stress go away.


#2 Use it as an emergency/distance extending hotspot

WiFi, life without it is unimaginable today. We need it like we need water today. Our social connections, our friends’ circles our gaming consoles, everything we need is online now, making WiFi a necessity.

But imagine, your Home hotspot doesn’t reach a room at the back, and you are grounded or need to be there for a while, it would be a nightmare for the modern youth. Fear not, you can use your old laptop to extend your Wifi range using different softwares like Connectify and also create a mobile hotspot using the same or by using Command Prompt, which is fairly straightforward.

#1 Selling it to a Refurbishment Agency

And the Number One thing you can do with your old laptop is… sell it?

But not just sell it to anyone, sell it to a Refurbishing Services like Cashify and get a good price for it. These guys will fix your PC and make it good as new, then sell it to someone else who doesn’t want to waste their hard earned cash on a new laptop and instead buy a refurbished unit which works in all ways like a new one.


Doing this not only gets you a return amount for selling the laptop, but also is eco-friendly and reduces waste.

These were the five best things you can do with your old laptop, hope it was helpful. If you have any suggestions, let us know through the comments section below.


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