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Top 5 VR Apps: Intensify your Virtual World


There was a time in not so distant past when VR headsets were a thing of luxury and there was next to zero development on the app front for these devices. However, all that changed when Google released its Cardboard VR, which was an easy to assemble device and didn’t require any special skill. The fire was further fuelled when Lenovo launched its K4 Note handset with bundled ANT VR headset and Theatermax technology supporting the technology. Today we have VR headsets starting from as low as INR 1,500 to INR 25,000 and above. Suddenly masses took to the VR and that in turn kicked off the app development as well. If you are looking for or already have a VR headset in your arsenal, here are top 5 apps that will let you enjoy it to its full potential.

Oculus Social Beta


This app is the best out there for those who are addicted to social media and love to connect with other users. Oculus Social Beta is a free to download app where user have to choose an avatar that best represent them and get to hangout with other users in virtual rooms and environment. It lets the user chat with others through the phone’s mic, which is a nice touch and adds a personal touch to the whole experience. You can watch Vimeo videos, interact, sing songs and also play Trivia games. All this happen in an environment as close to the real deal as possible and for that very reason it is a must have for every VR owner.



NextVR is an app for those who are always on a look out for the next sports, news or launch event and be a part of it. This app connects to the Internet and brings the live feed of events right to your VR headset, this way you can enjoy the events in 180 degrees. With The 180 degree feed, this app ensures that users feel part of the event without actually being present on the scene. The app developers have tested the system to successfully stream event like US Presidential Debate, US Open and NASCAR. In future, many more events including sports and concerts will follow, which makes it a hot favorite with many.



VRSE is in the same parallel as that of NextVR except it hosts VR multimedia content and not live feed. If you have got a VR headset recently and are looking for VR exclusive content, VRSE is the one for you. The collection on VRSE includes some of the most spellbinding videos made like Chris Milk’s Evolution of Verse. VRSE has also entered into collaboration with UN to bring exceptional short films like Clouds over Sidra and Waves of Grace to its users. If you are hunting for VR exclusive content, look no further.

InCell VR


What is VR experience without an engaging game that makes you feel like part of the gameplay and take you on a trip of lifetime. InCell is a bright and colorful game, which is an action cum racing game taking part in micro world of a human cell. The realistic graphics and detailing in the game also helps in learning all there is about human cell anatomy. You delve through moving along capillaries and enjoy a ride like never before while completing a mission after another. The cherry on the cake is the soundtrack, which only delights the player.



The best way to get the most out of your VR headset is to have an app dedicated to horror on your smartphone. Jump scares and sudden death is best experienced when you are actually living the scene. 11:57 is one such game that has bone chilling graphics and jump scares that will leave player flailing their limbs for real. Moreover, the gameplay is 360 degrees, which makes it all the more realistic along with a dark atmosphere and a creepy binaural soundtrack. A must have for all VR users.

These are the best apps there that will completely intensify your VR experience and allow you to enjoy it to its full potential. If you feel left out and want a VR enabled smartphone, now is the time to self your old phone @http://www.cashify.in/ for cash and get a new one.


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